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I didn’t feel like doing anything last night. I didn’t feel like being social (mostly because I couldn’t spend money). I didn’t feel like writing. And I definitely didn’t feel like dealing with my never ending to-do list.

What I did feel like doing was eating peanut butter Cheerios and watching How I Met Your Mother. So that’s what I did and it was glorious!

And then I realized I had no desire to write my originally planned post. (what?! It happens!)  So I got to thinking about something fun that we could do on a Saturday. And then I got to thinking about doppelgängers – they’re fun!

Here’s a few of mine (or so I’ve been told through the years):

-Lauren Graham aka. Lorelai from Gilmore girls (my ex boyfriend’s mom said this but I think she meant more in personality)

-Danielle Fishel aka. Topanga from boy meets world (when I was in middle school…and a little bit in college?)

-Evangeline Lilly aka. Kate from Lost – I’ll definitely take this one (see a resemblance?)

Anyway, now I’m off to go hiking with some other Berklee ladies! (Whoo hoo Summer bucket list)

 Any fun plans for the weekend?

Who have people said you look like over the years?

7 thoughts on “Resemblance?

  1. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    The hubby and I went to Nashville over the weekend, and today (sunday) I have gone to church and then sat on my tush. So productive! 🙂 I don’t think I have ever been told I really look like anybody. They curly hair makes me a bit different. lol.. I see the Evangeline Lilly!!

    1. admin Post author

      Relaxing days are the greatest! I definitely want to get to Nashville on day. I mean, I WAS a music major – isn’t that a requirement? 😉

  2. Jessie

    Great job for marking something else off your Bucket List! The hubs and I’s weekend will consist of watching the Olympics. I usually get that I look like Reese Witherspoon at least once a week (wish I was kidding that it’s that often, but I’m not).

    Continue having a wonderful weekend <3

    1. admin Post author

      I want to watch the Olympics!! I tried to stream gymnastics online and it won’t let me… 🙁

  3. Amanda @ flecksofgreen

    Nothing too exciting.. working 🙁 And then going on an 8 mile run. Over the years, I have been told that I look like Carrie Underwood (but that was definitely when my hair was blonde) lol

    1. admin Post author

      8 miles? Dang! I was hoping for 4 today and when I came home from work, I could only convince myself to do a FitMixer Bootcamp workout. Goal: 4 miles tomorrow morning before work! 🙂

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