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I feel like we’re overdue to catch up on life…maybe over a cup of tea?


A few days ago I decided to start waking up a little earlier in the morning to get in some journaling time. It’s been way too long since I’ve journaled outside the blog and this has been a great way to get back into it and allow myself that quiet, reflective and meditative time. I hope this sticks around.


Saturday morning I woke up early, grabbed my mat and made my way to hot yoga. It was challenging, sweaty and absolutely glorious. Please remind me that I need a consistent yoga practice, the heated variety included.


Yesterday started the first official day of my 1/2 marathon training. I’ve been working on increasing my mileage again after cutting back the past few months and Sunday I busted out an incredible 5 mile run. And as good as it was, I must admit, I’m ready to ditch the treadmill for these long runs and get back outside. Dear Spring, please hurry up.


Speaking of ½ marathon, Betty officially became one of “those” cars…sorry, not sorry.

I’m in desperate need of a hair cut. Desperate. Also I’m sick of seeing gray hairs on my head. I’m 26 and that’s just not okay. This will need to change. And this will probably change soon…stay tuned. 😉


Anyway, today’s quote was inspired by my dear friend Meg (who’s probably super excited we’re catching up over tea). She sent me a text yesterday with this quote from her planner…


I loved it so much that I found myself scouring the internet until I found this quote from Marilyn Monroe. I seriously love Marilyn Monroe.

mim4-2Lucky you. Twice the motivation to get you through your Tuesday. So just smile, friends!



What’s making you smile today?

Catch me up on something in your life!

6 thoughts on “Over Tea

  1. Meg @ A Dash of Meg


    ok so why did I NOT know you loved Marilyn!? I LOVE MARILYN! I have pics of her all around my house! yes girl I sure do! so i am super pumped about this quote!

    and not only was i pumped about that quote, but the quote i shared with you! thanks love 😀 you are so freaking sweet 😀

    and my jaw dropped when i saw the title of this post 😀 yes i was super happy to be having tea with you this morning 😀 thanks katie <3 i love having virtual tea with you 😉

    oh and if you need to do something with your hair… SO DO I! i am also getting all wrapped up in my hair when in bed and then i feel like i have to claw myself out hahahahaha

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