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This is what my day looked like:

And if you know me even a little bit, you know I don’t do rides, especially roller coasters.  (I won’t get into this now, remind me and we can dig into this little topic on another day).
The moment I walked into work today I knew something was up and as the morning progressed, things sped up rather quickly!  And not in a “where is my day going?” kind of a way; it was the “what is with today?” way.  It was not fun but it did prove to show just how much we can live in ambiguity, prove our knowledge, know our resources and learn plenty of new things at the same time.  I feared where the day was going at times but kept a positive optimistic attitude as much as I could and knew the escape of a heated yoga class would warmly (literally) close out my workday and welcome in my evening.
As I was picking up my phone from the desk about to leave (after cleaning up the managers office for Ziggy Marley – no joke, he had an event at our store tonight and I knew he’d probably end up in the office at least for a little bit), I saw I had a missed call + voicemail from my new roommate.  Hoping she was bearing news, I stood in the office listening while two of my managers tried to read my facial expressions…WE GOT THE APARTMENT!  We are now working out a time to meet with the manager to sign the lease and pay the deposit + 1st months rent so she can stop showing the unit and change the locks.  I am so hopeful and optimistic about this new place!
So I grabbed the box I saved from an order that came in to use for packing, dropped it at my car, picked up my yoga mat and headed to yoga.  I was looking forward to yoga all day so I was glad when it did not disappoint and I was physically and mentally there 100%!  We all have those days when we need yoga and we try so hard to let go, that in turn we’re trying too hard and can’t – this was NOT one of those days.  Phew!
I had debated all day if I was going to go back to the store after yoga to catch the Ziggy Marley event but after such a hard yoga class where I was seriously dripping sweat all over my mat + the floor around me (gross, I know but I was directly under one of the heaters), I decided I was too smelly, sweaty, and sticky to step anywhere near my place of work, let alone for an hour long event where I could potentially meet Ziggy Marley.  Instead I went home, made a delicious pasta dinner and then decided to bake some cookies!  I’m not sharing the recipe or any cookie pictures tonight, you’re just going to have to wait for next Wednesday (unless I decide I can’t wait until Foodie for a Day Wednesday to share)!
In the meantime, distract yourself with some pictures of the apartment I took a few days ago when I went to grab the rental application.  They’re a little dark and for that I apologize.  Once we move in and get things set up, I’ll take more pictures.