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One of my favorite things about blogging, aside from getting to share my journey with everyone, is meeting the other wonderful bloggers and creating friendships that extend beyond the interwebs and into real life friendships.  That’s something I’ve loved about the Blend Retreat every year and keeps me constantly excited for the following year.

Well one of those beautiful ladies I’ve met through blogging is Becky and I’m so excited because she recently moved to Chicago and I’m so excited to have another friend and reason to make my way into the city more often.  She’s also super sweet and nominated me for the Sunshine Award.  But I should admit, I’m a rule breaker and instead of passing on the torch I’m answering her questions and that’s it.  Ha! I’m such a rebel.  (Or maybe I’m just short on time…) 😉


1. What is your first memory in life?

Really?! That’s a deep question…I’m not really sure my FIRST memory but I have lots of fun memories like before my dad finished our lower level/family room and my sister and I used to strap on our roller skates and skate around on the cement floor! 🙂

2. What has been the best vacation you have ever been on and what vacation are you looking forward to in the future?

Our vacation to Paris was definitely a fun one, too short but fun!  I don’t really have another vacation planned so I guess just the idea of a vacation sounds fun to me! 😉


3. What is your preferred type/brand of coffee?

I worked for Starbucks for YEARS so it’s definitely top on my list.  I’m not a fan of Dunkin (gag!) but I’m definitely one for a stronger, bolder, fuller flavor versus a lighter, milder, more acidic roast.


4. Flowers or chocolate?

Flowers.  I love chocolate but flowers brighten my mood for days to come, well beyond how long chocolates last… 😉


5. What is your normal bedtime and wake up time?

Just call me Grandma Katie…I’m in bed around 9 often playing on my phone until I fall asleep and wake up in the 6am range.

6. When going out, do you wear your hair up in a pony tail or down?

Hair down most of the time unless I’m going out for a run, then it’s up. But I’ve got to show off this crazy hair of mine…


7. Favorite form of exercise?

Running, weight lifting, yoga.


8. Favorite place to shop?


9. Do you have a favorite cuisine to eat when dining out? What is it?

I love going out for mexican food – margaritas, anyone?!


10. Broccoli. Yay or nay?

YAY! Especially roasted!


Your turn – answer a question or two or ten in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. rick copper

    1. Man. Let’s go with feeding cattle during calving season on my grandparent’s ranch in Colorado.
    2. The last one. Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.
    3. Papua New Guinea mild roast
    4. Chocolate Dark Dark Dark
    5. 11pm; 5ish am
    6. Ha.
    7. Yoga.
    8. Fresh Market
    9. pizza. thin.
    10. YEA!

  2. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    AH – love reading all of these answers! And I love the photo of you with Marylou’s coffee – is there one here in the Chicago area??! I’ve heard so many good things about them that I need to try it for myself 🙂 Have I told you that there is a tequila bar/Mexican restaurant 2 blocks from my apartment? I’m also a Mexican fan and we definitely need to make a date soon!!! <3

    1. admin Post author

      No Marylou’s here, that was from my trip to Boston last year. It’s definitely sweet coffee which isn’t my preference usually but it was a fun treat!

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