Talking About False Confidence

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In the earlier years of Talk Less, Say More, I used to share “Music Monday” posts of a song, artist, or album I was loving. It’s one of those features that came and went but music has always been such a big part of my life (hello, it was even my CAREER path for several years) that it’s hard to not share when something really hits me. In fact, I still get daily traffic to this song by Dermot Kennedy. It’s just so good.

Anyway, I had a different plan for today’s post but as I was driving home on Friday, a song came on the radio and it snapped me back to reality. I’m not quiet to share my struggles with anxiety and it was a long and rough week for me where I found myself constantly battling my own internal demons of not feeling good, pretty, smart, or worthy enough for my own dreams and desires. I’m not saying this as a way to make everyone feel like they need to compliment or praise me, that’s not what I need. I’m sharing this because these lyrics are what I needed to hear. Just look at these lyrics from the chorus…

And I wonder why I tear myself down
And I wonder why I tear myself down
To be built back up again
Oh I hope somehow, I’ll wake up young again
All that’s left of myself
Holes in my false confidence
And now I lay myself down
And hope I wake up young again
Hope I wake up young again

The words hit me. The constant up and down. The constant rise and fall. The roller coaster ride of life. We’re all going to have these up and down moments as that IS LIFE, but I can choose how much these moments get to me. I can CHOOSE how I react to it. I can choose to tear myself down and make the situation that much worse, or I can choose to see the good and pick myself back up and carry on. I can feel the feelings, surrender myself to the Universe and it’s guidance, and I can trust something greater is coming. I can be authentically myself and know that some people will love me for it and some won’t, and that’s okay because even if I’m being who I think someone else WANTS me to be, some will like me and some won’t. I choose me. I choose to be myself. I choose to still live my life, follow my dreams, and know that I can BE ME while also still WORKING ON ME. 

Did I get that all from ONE song? Well, no. It’s taken 31 years of living on this Earth to get there, but sometimes, like any other human being, I forget. Hearing this song in the car on Friday as I was holding back tears and trying to talk myself out of a run, was the reminder.

The song is “False Confidence” by Noah Kahan and I’m officially a fan. Check it out for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Talking About False Confidence

  1. Shann Eva

    I love the power of music. I also have anxiety, and music is such a help to me. It can transport me to a different time and get me out of my head. I can’t wait to listen to the song. I love the lyrics that you shared.

  2. Anthea

    Lovely post Katie. I need to check out this song!
    “I choose me. I choose to be myself” are powerful words that we all need to say and put into practice. So true that some people will love us for us and some won’t. How we feel about ourselves at the end of the day is so important and I’m so glad that you heard a song that spoke to you and got the reminder you needed.
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