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Sometimes I swear the Universe loves to sit back and just laugh at me. Moments after I finished writing yesterday’s post where I touch on some of the doubt I’ve been feeling, I log into the back end of the blog to get the post scheduled out to publish.

Out of habit I check my blog stats. Honestly, that’s been a sore subject as of late as I’ve been so busy with 50 States In A Year that I haven’t been able to put the same love and focus around here as I usually would and would like to. I see the numbers and then notice the referral link…

It comes from Forbes. Out of curiosity, I click the link and start making my way through the article about “Personal Mission Statements of 13 CEOs and Lessons You Need to Learn” and I’m not surprised to see Oprah or Richard Branson but as I keep scrolling, I suddenly see a familiar name…

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That’s ME!

That’s my mission statement…that’s my blog linked…

Immediately I freak out and start wondering HOW is this possible?! I’m excited and read the article over and over again expecting someone else’s name to appear, as if it was an illusion of sorts. But it doesn’t change and it doesn’t go away. That’s me.

The article is from November 2014, during the crazy start for 50 States and when my mind was everywhere but here. I had no idea this article existed, let alone that my name was in it.

While this may be somewhat small and minuscule to many and obviously wasn’t something that sparked a rapid growth in this blog or my career, it’s huge for me. I’m not someone who needs everyone patting her on the back saying good job; I don’t need to be in the limelight or have all of the attention (quite honestly, I get really awkward when the spotlight is on me). But for me this was validation – validation that I am headed in the right direction and that when I find myself questioning everything, I need to STOP. I AM making a difference; I AM inspiring others; I WILL make my impact on this world; I WILL end up on the top!

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