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Exhale worry, inhale strength; exhale fear, inhale hope. 

It was like all of a sudden I hit an epiphany. My body is bending backwards in camel pose, my heart is open and as I’m struggling with the hold, I find myself repeating those words. I didn’t even realize I was doing it at first.
That’s what I love about yoga!
It teaches me to be a better version of myself and sometimes I don’t even realize it. It teaches me to be more patient, with myself and with others, which is a good thing for everyone. And it teaches me that even when things get hard (and they will!), that I am strong enough to make it through.
Is camel pose the hardest thing I’ll ever do in my life? Well no.
Is it the hardest pose I’ll ever do in yoga? Definitely not.
But in this practice it was the mountain, everything we had done prior was just preparing us for this moment, this moment to let light and love in to our hearts and rid ourselves of the negativity.
And before I even knew what was happening, it had done its job.