Coming Together

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Things are coming together.  We got our internet and cable set up today, there’s more things put away (aka less boxes everywhere), and I’m starting to feel more at home.  Soon we’ll hopefully get pictures and stuff on the wall and I can share our space with you.  For now, you just get this little sneak peak I shared on Instagram a couple days ago…


Anyway, I need to go break down some boxes since the trash/recycle pickup is tomorrow, so let’s get to the food I ate yesterday.  Keep in mind these are only my meals but there were snacks involved throughout the day including apples, carrots with hummus and bite-sized gluten-free cookies that are a bit too sweet for my palate but I can’t keep my hands off regardless. 😉




The usual toast wit peanut butter & banana with coffee on the side.  This was delicious as always.




After running errands before lunch yesterday (including stopping by Trader Joes), I got home and made scrambled eggs topped with avocado and fresh salsa.  Delish!




I couldn’t figure out if I was hungry or not after picking up some coffee tables from a friend Tuesday evening but decided a veggie sausage on top of a salad with steamed green beans sounded delicious.  And delicious it was! There’s also avocado under there and a drizzle of balsamic.


As the evening continued, I made myself a cup of lemon ginger tea and ate a couple dates dipped in peanut butter.  I swear real food just tastes so much better than that fake stuff! I bet Jenn would agree with me on that one too!


And while I have your attention, make sure to check out this piece I wrote for Lifehack: How to Deal With A Job You Don’t Like!


How were your eats this week?

Tell me something delicious you made that I should recreate!

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