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Alright, alright, I’ve been leading you all on long enough. But it’s quite funny, now that it’s time to share the news, I don’t really know what to say and it’s feeling a bit anti-climactic, even though it is quite exciting.

If you’ve been following along for awhile, then you probably know I have been unemployed and on the job hunt for the last 2 ½ months since getting back from the 50 States In A Year tour. I applied to over 90 jobs and heard back from very few. The biggest take away from the whole process for me was that the number of jobs out there that I could never do; lovingly referred to as “soul crushing.”

Until this one.

I stumbled upon the listing at 1am one evening when I couldn’t sleep. It just seemed perfect. Upon realizing that it was 20 minutes from where the boyfriend lives, I suddenly wondered if it was too perfect.

I should mention that during this process I was open to the location, not feeling tied down to any one area or place. While obviously staying in the Chicago-land area would mean a few more months at the parent’s house rent free, I applied for jobs in 8 states and 3 different countries.

But we haven’t been dating that long and I wasn’t looking to make a move for this relationship, at least not yet. I didn’t want this potential job to turn into something that was about my relationship, when it should be about the job at hand. I thought about it for a day and when I couldn’t get it out of my mind, I talked to a few friends about it and ultimately decided to apply. I told myself that however this played out, was how it was supposed to play out; I knew it was about the job.

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Taken immediately post job offer…do I look excited?

To make what could be a long story short and to save you all several unnecessary details, I was offered the job! You’re looking at the newest Social Media Coordinator for Charity USA/The Greater Good!

Quite honestly, I couldn’t be more excited! With that excitement though, comes a lot of anxiety. While I am obviously looking forward to this job, the team, and the company, there’s a lot of unknown that comes with starting at a new place and when you add in a move to a new city on top of it, it’s no wonder I am a ball of mixed emotions.

Late last week I was approved for an apartment and TODAY I pick up my keys, get the internet set up (blogger priorities!) and unload the first car full of stuff. I’ll be making several trips back and forth between Chicago and Grand Rapids, MI over the next couple of days and hope to be mostly unpacked and settled in to start work on Monday!


See all those boxes? They have been stored in my parent’s garage for the last year. How many car-fulls do we think I have there?

Life is feeling like a bit of whirlwind right now with all of the changes but after a couple of rough months, it feels good to be getting back on my feet and feeling like I’m headed in the right direction for myself, my career and my future in general.

You might be asking, what does this mean for the blog?

The answer is simple; nothing.

This blog is nearly 5 years old and I have a mission to help motivate others to lead their healthiest, happiest and fittest lives; that hasn’t and won’t change. I am happy to say that.

What it does mean is for the next couple weeks things may be a bit quieter as I find my new routine and how to make blogging work within that schedule, instead of fitting my schedule around blogging like I have mostly been able to do the last couple months while job hunting.

So wish me luck on this new adventure and if you know anyone in the GR area, let me know, I need friends. 😉

41 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

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  2. Lindsay

    Great news! All your hard work has paid off. 🙂
    It’s stressful looking for a job, I definitely can relate. Five years ago I was burning out and needed out asap and it took a few months and a ton resumes were sent and finally, finally it paid off.

    All the best and congrats again 🙂 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      haha yep! I’ve heard a lot of good things about GR too (and not just from people who live here, ha!) so while we’re about to go into some really cold months, I am looking forward to spring when I’ll be able to explore it more!

  3. Guy P

    Congratulations Katie! Enjoy Grand Rapids – similar city to Madison in some ways. Big diff – more snow!!! Hope your ready for that. We do know a college student at GVSU from Elgin. I think you’re past the college scene though. In the summertime, the ferry between Milwaukee and Muskegon can be a fun and time-saving ride, Especially nice if you have someone to pick you up on either or both ends. Otherwise, you can pay the extra fee to have your car ferried as well.

  4. Charlotte


    So exciting–that sounds like an incredible opportunity. Isn’t it amazing how you wait so long for something and then it just seems to come to you? All those states and job applications to find a job 20 minutes from your bf–So awesome! You’re going to rock it 🙂

  5. Kelsey

    Congrats girl! How exciting! And what a fun change…while also a little stressful. It is funny how we can search and search, and feel ourselves becoming discouraged, but we all seem to know it will happen when it is suppose to in our lives. Good luck on your moving WOD! =)

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, Kelsey! Moving WOD wasn’t too bad (mostly because my dad and godfather packed up the truck and then hired guys to unload the truck in GR since my dad hasn’t been feeling well)…made my job easy! haha

    1. Katie Post author

      Oh yay!! I’m looking forward to getting to explore a bit more but knowing we’re going into winter, I’m not getting my hopes up for much exploration time for awhile. 😉

  6. Mary

    yaaaaay congrats!! I’m in the same boat right now, well, the earlier boat for you hahah. Im applying to schools in jobs in 4 different states… havent looked to different countries yet, but im pretty sure thats next 😉 congratulations again!!

  7. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    Congrats, that’s a perfect fit for you! I’m so happy you found your thing :). But, guess this means you won’t be around when I visit Chicago in December … Bummer! I need to figure out how far away from you I am now.

    Good luck with the move! Don’t stress yourself with the blog in the meantime; focus on you!!

  8. Kanoelani

    Whoop whoop congrats girl!! That’s so awesome girl. I know how it feels to be looking & looking for jobs so how cool. Congrats on it all :))

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