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Keys to a good run

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I have this problem that when I start a new Harry Potter book, I don’t really want to do anything but read.  While this is great for the relaxation aspect and my mom is problem silently cheering that her daughter who hated reading for awhile when she was younger, is thoroughly enjoying herself but I have things to do!  I’m… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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Today was not supposed to be a “rest” day (especially per my 10k training) but as the day progressed, I realized that a workout was not on the agenda.  Between a migraine, ear pain and my chronic pain being more severe today, I knew it was best to just come home after work and rest.  Sadly, the Aleve I took… Read more »

Time To Start Training

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I love to run.  And I love reaching new distances.  I especially love when I hit those new distances without realizing it.  If you remember a few months back when I was doing the Nike+ Cardio Challenge and suddenly, without realizing, ran 6.5 miles.  That was a great moment for me.  It was a new distance record and just an… Read more »