Fear & Dreaming

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There’s a part of me that feels like I’m still playing catch up. That’s because I am. You see, I usually take most of Sunday’s to plan, prep and get myself ready for the week ahead. I also build in time to just sit, relax and maybe read a book with a little coffee. Sunday’s are my day and by not having that this week, I feel like a chicken with my head chopped off. I did my grocery shopping on a Tuesday, that’s unheard of for me!


Anyway, it’s Wednesday which means at the end of the day we’re more than half way through the week. Sounds pretty good to me, especially when I look forward to my weekend (aka, nada!). 😉 But I’m not just popping in today to make small talk…I’ve been busy thinking about myself, what holds me back, what pulls me forward and how to constantly be striving for the best version of myself. One of those things that holds me back is fear.

tumblr_lgtn70T2gr1qc9ekbo1_500-2It’s a four-lettered word that carries a lot of weight with so many of us. Fear of heights, fear of birds, fear of failure, fear of success. Yes, I said it.


We allow these fears to take over, to take precedence and to take control of our lives. But just think how much more we could do, accomplish and enjoy if we let go of that fear, that extra weight and that burden we carry on our shoulders.


I won’t say I’ve rid myself of all fear but I can tell you I’m working on it and I suggest you join me. Because let’s be honest, I’m a dreamer and I’m dreaming BIG.

Dream a Little Bigger

How do you let go of fear?