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Saturday marked the last day of my 2-week trial membership to a local hot yoga studio here in Grand Rapids. I’ve really been enjoying getting back into yoga, both for the mental and physical benefits so I had a decide if and how I wanted to continue.

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I started crunching numbers…monthly unlimited options, bulk class packages, or pay up front. They were all feeling a bit scary and when looking at my budget, nothing quite fit. But then I thought about it, this is my health – mental and physical. So before I knew it, I was committing to a full year of yoga (taking advantage of a HUGE special that makes it crazy cheap)! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing more about my current fitness goal but yoga is fitting right in with that, which allowed me to further justify the cost.

Anyway, with my return to the hot yoga life (ha!), I thought it would be fun to share a few of my hot yoga essentials!

hot yoga essentials

1. Yoga Mat

This may seem obvious and while many studios will let you rent a mat if you don’t have one, I stand by the fact that you should just get your own! Especially when it comes to hot yoga and all that sweat, I just like to know the sweat on their is mine.

2. Towel (mat/face/both)

This is a MUST for hot yoga in my book! I like having a towel for my mat to help keep from sliding around and then if I get super drippy, I just give my forehead a little dab every time I get towards the ground. But you can always just bring a small towel to dab your face, arms, or legs if needed too. And make sure you wash them often. I forgot to wash mine after too many classes and it stunk.

3. Water

Cute water bottles make everything better, don’t they? Get one, fill it up and bring it with you. You’re going to thank yourself for that, I promise.

4. Mat cleaner 

Some studios provide wipes and if that’s yours, take advantage for the daily but think about this…we’re sweating and then rolling them right back up and most likely not unrolling them to properly dry. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? Get some cleaner and properly clean those babies from time to time.

5. Headband

Keep that hair out of your face and help soak up some of the sweat. Sounds gross, I know. And I promise if you have any intent to stop at the grocery store after yoga (like I do), you’re going to be so thankful.

6. Yoga Mat Bag

Because with all this stuff, something needs to hold all of it…plus your phone (on silent) and keys!

Any other hot yoga fans?

What are some of your essential items?

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37 thoughts on “Hot Yoga Essentials

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  2. Kristen

    I’ve never tried hot yoga before! I have done heated yoga and I had to leave the room once because I couldn’t see anymore, so I feel like it wouldn’t work for me. But I do like how it feels to take yoga in a mildly heated room in the winter! Congrats on taking such a huge step towards your health goals!
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  3. Kristin

    I have been on the fence about starting the Bikrym yoga free trial around the corner, but I think I will go check it out (now that you better prepared me for it). I wouldn’t have thought to bring a friggin towel lol!

  4. Jenny

    I tried a hot yoga class a few years back and I honestly wasn’t a huge fan…I don’t know why because I really wanted to like it =[

    xoxo, Jenny
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  5. Beth

    So timely … I have my first hot yoga class on Saturday! I wouldn’t have thought of the towel or headband, so those will be going in my bag. Thanks!

  6. Charlotte

    You know, it’s funny… I used to take hot yoga in the city in a class with about 75 other people… after a while, it became too much. I hated bending over and having my butt in someone’s face and looking up to see a butt in mine, lol. BUUUUUUUUT I miss it, so much. I’ve been thinking about returning and finding a much smaller class in my area (it was convenient when I worked in NYC and lived a short stone’s throw away).

    I totally agree re: the headband and BYO yoga mat!
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    1. Katie Post author

      haha I would imagine that could be tough! Sometimes big classes are fun though because there’s so much ENERGY in that space!

    1. Katie Post author

      That’s a good reminder! I always wear a loose fitting tank and then get frustrated when it doesn’t stay in place! ha!

  7. Britany @ define fettle

    Oh man! Hot yoga is my JAM! I’ve been busy trying out so many different studios in my area this winter that I haven’t gotten to do as much yoga as I’d hoped.

    All of the essentials you listed are spot on:) I usually end up just showering right at the studio after class because I’m so sweaty afterwards that sitting in my car is unbearable;)

    1. Katie Post author

      I was going to try a bunch of different studios in my area but I just loved this one studio so much, I’m hooked! 😉

  8. Erin Cusack

    Love hot yoga! I just wrote a post for Hello Hustle about what you need for your first yoga class- and I should have thought of a headband! I don’t like headbands, they give me a headache, but I know that’s an essential for most people!

  9. Sarah Golding

    I would love to go to a yoga class but with 2 small kids it’s too difficult to find childcare etc, but plan to when they go to school. Love the idea of the towel over the mat, that’s a brilliant tip!

  10. Teri

    My exposure to yoga is my base and my Gaim video. But , I honestly didn’t know about mat cleaner. God idea- especially for nose who go to yoga classes.

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