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I’m hooked again.  After the series finale last year I started watching the show and was hooked.  I got the urge to start watching again recently after some friends were watching the show so I decided to give it a go.  Thankfully I have such a bad memory when it comes to movies and TV shows, there’s still an extent that it’s like watching for the first time again.

Yes my memory is that bad.

move more in may

But aside from that, I’ve decided to join Janetha and move more in May.  Aside from the FitMixer Bootcamp, I just want to work on moving more this month.  I already work out 5 days a week but I could use to actually MOVE my body more during those other times.  It might be as simple as taking a walk on my lunch breaks (which I used to do) or at least pealing myself away from my computer for a quick loop around the store every hour.  Chances are there’s someone I can talk to versus emailing or waiting for them to come to me, and get that extra minute of movement.  Every little bit counts and can be the little bit that takes you from cranky and lethargic to happy and healthy.

And seeing as I just ate about 2 or 3 servings of ice cream to feed my craving and cranky mood, those extra little steps are needed. 😉

How are you going to go about moving more in May?

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  1. Heidi Nicole

    Um, Lost is so darn complicated it really is like watching it fresh every time! We watched all but the last season on Netflix and would have to pause or go back to watch some parts because it was so complicated! But really, its a great show…until the finale. Did not love the finale.

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