Surfboard Yoga

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Happy November!
We’re now officially past Thanksgiving Halloween (good catch Mom!) and time is going to fly through the holiday season; I hope we’re all ready!  I’m still trying to determine my holiday plans but I know I’ll be spending Christmas Day in LA and will probably try to pull together some sort of gathering so no one is left alone.
I haven’t been very good about going to yoga lately.  I’m not okay with this but my schedule has just been so crazy lately that I can’t keep up.  I keep telling myself maybe it’s time to do another 30 Day Yoga Challenge to get myself back into that world and re-ground myself a bit but there’s a certain bit of unknown in the next month that may make it so I wouldn’t be able to complete that challenge.  Therefore, I’m a bit apprehensive to start another challenge.  For now, I’m trying to convince myself to make my way to the studio a few times a week.  I mean, I do pay for it!
When I was walking into the women’s locker room at the gym the other day, I spotted this:

Have you ever heard of surfboard yoga?  Apparently it’s a growing trend to add an extra degree of difficulty and balance to your yoga practice.  (Also known as Paddleboard Yoga.)
While I was standing there watching, one of the girls fell into the water during her sun salutation and had to climb back onto her board, get her balance back and go right into her upward facing dog.  
Watching this play out made me think if I would ever consider trying this?  If you know me, you probably know I’m not one to swim.  I have this insane fear of drowning that probably shows I didn’t allow myself to take enough swim lessons as a kid (I’m sure my parents are reading this going “told you so”).  I’ve had a few people ask me when I’m going to train for a triathlon (WHAT?!) and thankfully I have the swimming excuse to get me through that answer.  But this still looks kind of fun and I love finding new ways to challenge myself in my workout so maybe someday
(P.S. It’s November 1st and we all know what means – off to the store to get discounted candy!) 😉