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It’s funny to me that if I have a whole day off and no real plan of how I’m going to spend my day, I’ll spend it on my butt watching HGTV and wishing I was being productive.  While this kind of happened yesterday, I was able to knock out a 4 mile run first thing, put the finishing touches on my dresser project, finish my laundry and remake my bed with fresh sheets.  Maybe this is what we call a good combination of lazy and productive – a compromise if you would?


But while I found the balance between lazy bum and overachiever, I was filling my ears with new Vampire Weekend.  Modern Vampires of the City was released back in May but while I’ve heard a few songs, this was the first time I actually sat down and listened to the whole album from start to finish.

IMG_1989I love the energy in the album, maybe that’s what fueled me to do something yesterday. ha! 😉 Regardless, I’m really enjoying most of the album and excited to share one of my favorite tracks off the album with you guys today called “Unbelievers.”  My favorite line in the song goes “I’m not excited, but should I be? Is this the fate that half of the world has planned for me?”



How was your weekend? Lazy bum style or super productive?

4 thoughts on “Unbelievers

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Um, yeah, I’d say you totally nailed the lazy bum/productive thing there, missy! I was in Memphis all weekend seeing new things and meeting new people with the man-friend, but we did manage to work in a few lazy hours in there too. We camped out in the MASSIVE hotel bed one afternoon and turned on some show on the travel channel called bacon paradise…then proceeded to drool over ourselves for the next hour! Lol

    Love Vampire Weekend! I’ll have to check out this album!

  2. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I have the hardest time being lazy. It’s almost like I have to force myself to focus on one thing at a time. “Watch this TV show now. Read this book now.” Inevitably I end up reading or watching for at most 15-20 minutes before I’ve got some crazy project I need to pursue. (Sigh)

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