Who’s Hungry?

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I don’t know about you but I’m hungry (as happens the moment I wake up every.single.morning) and just in case you’re not, I’m sure you will be after you take a look at some of my eats this week. πŸ˜‰



photo-299You know what an almost empty peanut butter jar means? Oatmeal in a jar, of course!



photo-303Β I’m a kid at heart and ants on a log never, I repeat never get old! Alongside hardboiled eggs and banana bread with peanut butter. YUM!


Chobani Pear with banana bread and ants on the log (minus the ants).




Veggie wrap with lots of fresh veggies, hummus and avocado!


Spaghetti with roasted broccoli fresh from the garden – deeeelish!




I really wanted to celebrate National Ice Cream day so I made a chocolate banana soft serve. Β Doesn’t get any better than that!


What delicious eats did you have this week?

10 thoughts on “Who’s Hungry?

  1. Kaitlin

    Peanut butter and banana bread? You are definitely onto something! I had a great artichoke and cheese dip with artisan bread from Sprouts. Delish!

  2. Nicole @ FruitNFitness

    Oh I love banana bread with nut butter on it, it’s just the perfect combination! Okay actually nut butter goes good with just about everything! The fresh veggie filled wrap looks wonderful as well.

  3. Georgie

    I LOVE ants on a log <3
    I totally agree- whenever I wake up my first thought is breakfast. I don't know what my tummy does all night but it works up an appetite.
    Your veggie wrap looks right up my ally (aka anything with tons of avocado)
    Happy WIAW

  4. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    All of my foods have been SOFT, but I do declare that getting your wisdom teeth out makes you look at your food processor with a whole new level of love. What I wouldn’t give to snap into that celery right now though, and peanut butter and I are still in a stage of uncertainty. πŸ™‚

    I do now want spaghetti. I might be able to handle that. If it was cut into REALLY small bites.

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