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Our Belated Christmas

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Our Christmas may have occurred late and a bit out of order, but we are doing all we can to keep it as we know it.  This morning we decided it was Christmas.  Generally this is where I’d wake up to my parents busy cooking morning brunch but instead we all packing into the car and headed off to breakfast… Read more »

The Long Awaited Video…

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It was quite the nice surprised when I realized (remembered) that I had the day off and while part of me would have enjoyed a fun day with friends, today was exactly the day that I needed! I allowed myself to sleep through both of my morning alarms and rolled out of bed when my internal alarm went off (my… Read more »

Ring Around the Rosey

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I feel like I’m playing a busy run around game but not actually getting anything done!  It’s probably due to the To-Do list that’s constantly growing but hardly dwindling.  Not to mention all of the entreprenuer-y conversations Tracey and I had while I was home and the big potential for some amazing things to happen in my life and how… Read more »

Fitness Friday…a day late!

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Yesterday ended up being super crazy busy!  I helped my sister get a new cell phone/put her on my account (and dealt with all of the blood pressure raising situations that followed), followed by a little shopping trip.  After a quick lunch, I went to say goodbye to Tracey as she leaves for Spain at the end of the month… Read more »

Home – Music Monday

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And after a long week of work which ended at 1 o’clock this morning, I’m preparing myself to hop on a plane this afternoon to head home and visit my family.  I’m tired and not exactly looking forward to hours of traveling but a week off work and getting to see my family (who I haven’t seen since Christmas –… Read more »