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A Day Like No Other

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I crossed another thing off my Summer Bucket List on Friday! And I want to go back and do it again…like! So what did we do? We went Hydrobiking! A few months ago Amy and I found a GroupOn deal for Hydrobiking.  We had no idea what it was but it sounded fun, looked summery and was only $10… Read more »

Fires and Friends

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Growing up in the midwest, you never really get to know the ocean.  My beaches growing up were lakes and boats went out on the rivers.  There was no going out into the super salty ocean water for a swim or wave jumping.  And despite that I’ve now lived in California for over two years, I forget this is something… Read more »

Foodie for a Day – Two Little Red Hens

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There’s something about cupcakes and NYC that seem to go hand-in-hand.  Though when we think about it, we’re thinking the go-to places are Crumbs or Magnolia, right?  While those places may have good cupcakes (I can only stand by Magnolia, never been to Crumbs), I was introduced to the hidden gem of cupcakes on the Upper East Side while in… Read more »

Ring Around the Rosey

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I feel like I’m playing a busy run around game but not actually getting anything done!  It’s probably due to the To-Do list that’s constantly growing but hardly dwindling.  Not to mention all of the entreprenuer-y conversations Tracey and I had while I was home and the big potential for some amazing things to happen in my life and how… Read more »

One Sentence. (Well technically there’s more…)

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Nothing can beat a good, strong friendship. I wish I could explain it better in one sentence, but why make something wordier when it doesn’t actually need to be? There was a level of feeling a bit bummed yesterday afternoon.  And a part of me is hesitant to even mention it for a fear and of not wanting to hurt… Read more »

It’s a mental challenge too….

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Officially 11 days in and I think the initial “glow” is wearing off and this challenge is becoming more mental for me.  I succeeded at my task to focus and let go during last night’s Restorative Flow but was definitely looking forward to getting back to a nice sweaty flow.  My morning started out rather rough and I feared for… Read more »

A Photo of Something That Means a lot to You – Day 24

This is very similar to a post from the other day about things that make me happy, generally they go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, you can’t capture everything that means a lot to you as they aren’t items but rather feelings.  But for the sake of this post, here are a few items that mean a lot to me: -A… Read more »