Check, Check, Check!

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Bag is packed – check!
Snacks are packed – check!
Alarm is set – check!
Coffee is ready – check!
Clothes are picked – check!

This may sound like I’m going on a trip, but it’s nothing more than preparation for an opening shift at work. While you’re reading this, I’m already awake (or at least I better be!) and I’m running around to make sure there’s fresh hot coffee when you need it so you can wake up and start your day.

I’m sure this is what I look like first thing. 😉

With that said, please be nice if I’m moving a little slowly…my alarm is set for 4:15. 😉

I had a more interesting (or so I thought) post planned for today but after I woke up for the 5th day in a row with a headache; and after I couldn’t actually get this one to go away; and after I worked 6 1/2 hours with it; and after I reheated myself some dinner; and after I watched Survivor with my parents (anyone else watching? for me this is the first time in YEARS); I decided we’re keeping it simple today.

So like I said:

My bags are packed – with gear for the gym so I can go right when I get off work.

Snacks are packed – one zucchini protein muffin (recipe to come soon) and one chocolate chip chewy granola bar.

Alarm is set – as I said, for 4:00….and 4:15….and 5:15…. (what? Gotta play it safe!)

Coffee is ready – technically it’s the coffee we didn’t finish yesterday but pouring it over a cup of ice and a splash of almond milk and for me, it’s good to go!

Clothes are picked – this saves me countless minutes of trying to decide what I want to wear and how I feel in what I decided to wear. It’s easier to pick it out the night before so there’s no guesswork. It only changes if I put it on and feel horrible.

What shortcuts do you take to prepare for early mornings?

Or maybe busy mornings?

13 thoughts on “Check, Check, Check!

  1. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    Oh the early mornings!! I haven’t had those in quite awhile and that was with my coffee job!

    Now I have to have bags packed for school an hour away…where I decided to take a fitness class that is now mandatory for some reason… Okay actually it was a good idea I chose to take it because it forces me to move my body at least 3 days a week! 🙂

    And packing the bags the night BEFORE saves a lot of hassle (one time I forgot to pack undergarments and went the rest of the day at school comando in jeans! ekk)

    Hope your headaches are going away friend!! I was waking up with allergy nonesense for a couple of weeks and it’s no fun to start the day like that!

    1. admin Post author

      It’s much better today – thank you! And the 4:15 was definitely early but I was also awake at like 3:45 with the fear that I wouldn’t wake up, internal alarm clock.

    1. admin Post author

      I can’t do the night before showers. One reason is my hair usually becomes (even more of) a disaster zone, but it also helps me wake up. 😉

  2. Jessie

    Eh sorry about your ongoing headache. What an annoyance! Try to have a wonderful day, even though it does sound like it’s gonna be a long one 🙁

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