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Before we get to this week’s Music Monday pick, I must admit I took this baby out of her case last week…

1513808_10100187058155959_3832712065505634204_nDon’t get excited for any performances soon, I’m basically starting from scratch trying to re-teach myself how to play. In fact, I broke out the book I used when I first started learning and have started making my way through that again. We’ll see how much I can actually do myself before recruiting my musician friends to help but I’m determined to at least get to a point that I don’t get super angry by how awful I am just by holding the guitar. 😉

10455772_10100189995893709_2597298321841848125_nThe good thing is, my guitar is super pretty and even after all these years, we still look good together. HA!


Anyway, at this point, I’m sure you all realize I love a variety of music – rock, country, pop, folk and pretty much everything in between. There’s definitely some genres that I don’t listen to as much as others, but at the end of the day, I believe I listen to music that I believe is good regardless of the genre it falls into.


One song I’ve been enjoying lately is from Nickel Creek called “Destination.” While I’m not a huge fan of some of their other and older songs, I do really enjoy this one. It’s definitely worth listening to.



Do you have a favorite genre of music? Or one that you don’t ever listen to?

Can you play guitar? Will you teach me? 😉

6 thoughts on “Destination

  1. janetha

    i wish i was musically inclined! i am sooo far from it. you look good with a guitar 😉 i like several genres, especially punk and indie, but i loathe country and techno!

  2. katie

    I’ve been taught guitar a couple times, and a former boyfriend gave me a guitar for my birthday a couple years ago. Eventually I want to sign up for 8 weeks of lessons and actually learn.

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