Hide & Seek

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That’s basically what I’ve wanted to do all day today: hide but not actually allow anyone to seek me out.  I was c.r.a.n.k.y.  It was upsetting too because as much as I tried, I couldn’t snap out of it.  My morning began with a (short) nice run to warm up before lifting some weights.  My shoulders are a little sore so I’m not sure if I pulled something funny or if they’re just sore.  But when I got to work, things were just not sitting well with me and I just couldn’t seem to breathe through it today.  A little work in the attic and trying to avoid as much human contact/avoid those that I found extra aggravating today (this didn’t entirely work), plus getting hugs from the people there who give some pretty awesome hugs and next thing I knew it was 5PM and I got to go home.  I keep going back and forth between whether I should have gone to yoga tonight or not, especially with the madness of trying to figure out my day tomorrow due to a last minute shift change but I think I’m going to do a little 20-30 min yoga/pilates personal session over here and call it night.  Maybe even pack a box so I feel like I’m making some progres (I packed 3 small boxes of books last night)!

For now, I’ll leave you with another song playing constantly in my head lately: Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek”  This song is on the older side (2005 maybe?) but came back to my life lately thanks to yoga.  The video is not very good but the song is beautiful – enjoy!