High Hopes

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Putting together my Best of 2013 Music Edition was not easy, it was fun, but it wasn’t easy. It started being hard because I was trying to think back to the music I had been listening to ALL year, then figuring out what music actually came out in 2013 and then finally, what was my favorites of what I had been listening to. It lead to an afternoon and evening filled with so much good music. And trust me, I’m not complaining, especially when I was reminded of great music I hadn’t listened to for several weeks. And of course, music that I never shared with all of you! (GASP!)


Turns out, I don’t think I ever shared one of the honorable mentions, Kodaline, and for that I apologize. I hope I can make it up to you today when I completely fill your ears with this music. Not to mention, a great way to start your year.


(Disclaimer: This video may make you cry so if you don’t have tissues by you, you better go grab some!)


But seriously, the lyrics in these songs are super intense but make for a seriously incredible song.

BigBadWorld lyrics


My poor friend Amy gets bombarded with texts from me saying “check out this band” “check out this song” “have you listened to it yet?” “oh my gosh you’re totally missing out!” She loves me for it of course but I’m sure sometimes she’s ready to go crazy – ha!



At least we know it’s always good music that I’m throwing your way. 😉


What are you listening this week?

4 thoughts on “High Hopes

  1. Captain Competition

    Checked out the Kodaline music you posted. Liked it, reminded me a little of early Coldplay. The melancholy tone is perfect for these cold winter nights. Keep the good music coming.

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