Hitting the Reset Button

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I’m torn today.  Torn between wanting to write about what happened yesterday.  And torn between wanting to write about something totally different.  So I’m going to do both.


So let me just start by sending my thoughts and love out to those affected in yesterday’s shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut.  It’s honestly such a tragedy and I haven’t quite figured out how to express my feelings and extreme concern about the whole thing.  All I can do is send my love – so that’s what I’m doing.


Moving on, I wanted to talk about pressing the reset button today.  Your personal reset button – maybe mentally, physically, or emotionally.


I woke up yesterday morning with a planned 3 mile run + 100 burpee FitMixer workout but as I sat drinking my coffee, checking my email and watching The Today show, any ounce of motivation was leaving my body.  In fact, I felt like I wasn’t even awake (and accused my dad of making decaf coffee!).


I sat around for a bit trying to get the motivation to move.  Hoping maybe a fleeting moment would pass and I’d pop up and get going.  It didn’t happen.  So I came to a compromise with myself, more coffee and a walk outside.  Better yet, coffee while walking – it could keep me warm while getting some movement.

photo-167And so I set out with no real distance in mind, just that I’d start along my usual running route and see where it took me.  I set up my RunKeeper app so I would know how far I went & keep track of time, turned on some tunes and walked.  And walked…and walked…and walked.  Seriously! I ended up covering over 5 miles in an hour and 15 minutes!!


There were moments that I was getting antsy to get home, bored by my usual route, wishing I had worn workout pants so I could run, or basically not being present in the moment.  So I tried to recenter myself, refocus on my goal, and press my reset button.


You see, I’m not perfect.  No one is.  And sometimes we become so demanding of ourselves, our bodies, our minds, our days, that we forget to take care of ourselves and give ourselves a break.  Some could say that a 5 mile walk isn’t giving myself a break, but that’s where we’re different because for me it was.  It was a moment for me to clear my head of a lot of crap (sorry but it was just that, crap) and get back on my path.  Or at least back to figuring out what that path is and what steps I should be taking right now.


So today I leave you with this thought:


When was the last time you hit the reset button?

3 thoughts on “Hitting the Reset Button

  1. Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome

    I felt the same way yesterday! I was telling my husband last night that I just felt like I was in a daze all day. I think part of it was sheer disbelief in the horrific tragedy that occurred and part of it was tiredness. I’ve been feeling the need to reset and forced myself to go to the gym this morning to clear my mind. Feeling much better now and ready to take on the day! Have a good weekend!
    P.S. I nominated you for the Liebster Award today!

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