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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a change of plans when I got hit with a migraine Saturday and could hardly hold my head up. But aside from that, I still had a great weekend! Hanging with friends Friday night, mani/pedis with my friend Saturday (before things got really bad), and a mini makeover on Sunday.

1890976_10100136490833279_1487266617_nIt’s a little hard to tell with the lighting but I cut off 3 inches from my length and dyed my hair about 2 shades darker. It was an interesting experience at the salon I went to but I’m pretty happy with it so that’s what counts, though I probably won’t return to that salon again. Just sayin.


Have you heard the new single from Coldplay?


It’s called “Magic” and I think I’m obsessed. I’m ready for the new album but for now the single will have to do.


I enjoy Coldplay, believe it or not. I go through phases but ever since Steve Jobs passed, seeing the performance at the employee only memorial and tearing up with my team, I feel an extra connection to the music. Regardless, I enjoy thing song. I hope you will too.



Speaking of Steve, despite being ready to leave the company when I did, I feel ever so grateful to have had that opportunity to work for Apple under his leadership. I truly believe him to be an innovator and motivator, so I wanted to choose one of my favorite quotes from him for today.


How was your weekend?

What are you listening to today?

P.S. I have a guest post on Racing Bananas this morning so make sure to head over to Kim’s blog and say hi!

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    1. Katie Post author

      Despite listening to new music all day, I’ve felt like I have NO idea what to listen to lately “for fun” – ha!

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