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How was everyone’s weekend? I guess some of you may still be on your weekend – you lucky ducks!  If that happens to be you, I hope you’re enjoying that extra time with your loved ones and putting your feet up.


As for me, work doesn’t stop for me today so I’ll be busy flinging cappuccinos and espresso shots.  Please feel free to tip generously and be nice. 😉


Though I could easily go on a rampage about tips and money and my current income, but that’s not really the point of this post so I’ll save you all from that.  Besides, we’re sending out the positive energy and that seems to be working for me.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Anyway, I’m excited to share this music with you today.  Mostly because I thought I did share it before but after a search through time, it doesn’t appear so which makes me that much more excited.  Because this is good!

Music MondayIn fact, it’s another one of those bands that I forgot how much I enjoyed until it came on my iPod on shuffle a few days ago.  I immediately wrote it down to remember to not only share but also go back and listen to more often.  It’s just so good.


So who am I ranting and raving about?


The band: The Head and the Heart

The song: Lost In My Mind



Can I make a confession? I love this band even more because a couple years ago when I was still working with The Lumineers and we were trying to grow their fan base and play new areas, this band gave some advice and helped us with a few contacts.  We were growing but we were still small and hitting a new territory is never an easy task.  Their willingness to help give us some direction was so appreciated.  (That’s some major grassroots tour planning people!)


Moral of the story: they’re not only amazing musicians, they’re good people too.  That’s hard to come by.


Thanks guys.

And enjoy.


Feel free to put it on repeat over and over.  I know I sure did. 😉

 To me, that’s pretty marvelous, huh Katie?


Tell me a story about nice people.

8 thoughts on “Marvelous Music

  1. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    Be careful when flinging espresso shots. Those things are dangerous. And hot. 😉

    I just set up a pinterest board of my favorite link-parties so of course you are there

    …and while I was pinning your cute button I had to read a post. 😉

    Much love lady! Hope you enjoy your day even though you don’t have the day off! I’m going to savor savor SAVOR this day off! Also, if you were in school with me, you’d have the day off too! 😉

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