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I was hoping to tell you guys all about Sunday’s mud run but they haven’t posted pictures yet and I was hoping there might be a few cute ones I could snag, so that’ll have to wait. Picture companies don’t seem to understand the timeline of bloggers… 😉


Instead, I figured I’d share a few things on my mind this week because let’s get real, there’s a LOT on in my head!


1. I’m so incredibly humbled! The kind words and support I have received since Tuesday’s announcement has been amazing! I can’t express my gratitude enough. I hope you’ll all follow along on that journey with me. I still plan to post here too but it might not be quite as often, let’s get real! 😉

50 states in a year graphic2. Speaking of 50 States In A Year, there’s a new post up about how YOU can help be a part of our journey. Every like, share, penny or idea helps. 🙂


3. Sam and I had a 5 hour planning meeting Monday night. She brought over dinner and we sat outside with wine enjoying the weather while discussing different things about the trip.


After eating, we got to the big task of the evening…

10351086_1549119061978788_2628926964979218074_n…routing an entire year of our lives. It was a huge task but quite honestly, came together better than I think either of us could have imagined. I’m sure it helps that I’ve got experience booking tours for bands and could strategically figure out how we could piece things together. I also had a few mad scientist moments.

10387313_1549312998626061_6178790377419990946_n4. Clearly the majority of what’s been on my mind is 50 States related and obviously that’s with good reason but I’m sure you guys want to see something else…so here’s a little guy Amanda and I saw at Petco Saturday afternoon. I think he wants out. Anyone a fan?

gecko5. And for good measure, a little inspiration for your day…


Tell me something on your mind!

10 thoughts on “On My Mind…

  1. Mollie @ Sprinkles of Life

    I would have totally geeked out with you planning that route. Love travel and geography and weirdly love the process behind planning and organizing routes/plans. So fun!

    When do you take off for your first city? Will definitely try to see you when you cross through Iowa!

    1. Katie Post author

      I’ll be sure to show you our route when I see you in a couple weeks (!!!),but the whole thing kicks off November 1st at our local box and we’ll go from there. Still working out the other events but at least now we know when we’ll come through each area to offer dates.

  2. Rosi

    I hope what’s on my mind isn’t too much of a downer, but it’s what’s on my mind. Speaking of huge leaps of faith, I left my teaching career after having my daughter to be a SAHM-ish. To be able to do fitness but still be home with my baby. Fitting everything in is a daily struggle and I’m constantly feeling like I come up short. I know you can’t “do it all” and I’m just entering the start of my second year on this new path but financially it brings a lot of stress. I know in the end it will all be ok but it’s definitely something on my mind right now.

    1. Katie Post author

      It’s totally understandable!! It’s a huge change and I’ll be honest, my own financial situation is definitely stressful but it’s having faith that we made the right choice for our situations and pushing forward with that. You got this, girl! 🙂

  3. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    50 States in a Year sounds -amazing-, lady! And I’m totally loving the fact that you took a huge leap of faith to pursue your dreams. I did the same thing last year when I decided to switch career paths, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made 🙂

  4. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    Lizards … *shudder*.

    I always HATE waiting for picture companies to come out with race photos! I totally get what you’re coming from – wait for pictures, or just post without? Argghhh. Seriously.

    You must be sure to invite me to some of my nearby states’ events. I can’t promise I’ll make them all but I do want to try!!

    P.S. have you heard of “Stick it Strong”? (I think that’s what they’re called.) They sell these adorable car stickers of ladies who are lifting. You need these for your RV! And maybe they’d sponsor … hmmm?

    1. Katie Post author

      That would be so fun!! I’ll definitely know as we get events setup. Now…I need your box to email me back. 😉

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