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I always tell myself I’m going to get ahead on blog posts for the week or at least that next day’s post while on the plane, but let’s get real, that doesn’t usually happen. We were delayed getting off the ground in Tulsa which just delayed my exhaustion and need for a nap (though plane naps are never great anyway), then when we were in the air, I ate the lunch I picked up for myself at the airport, played a game of Sudoku and we were just about to land. While shorter flights are always preferred, I definitely don’t have as much of a chance to get my head in the zone to be productive.


Good news is, I used every bit of energy I had left when I got home at 6pm to do my grocery shopping, pick up dinner, unpack from my trip and pack for an early morning trip to the gym. I’ll take what I can get.


I hope to give you a recap of the trip/wedding at some point this week, but I make no promises as I anticipate a busy work week ahead and since I have a few other things also on the agenda, it’s bound to be another crazy week. I’m already looking forward to the weekend. It’s just too bad you can’t take a weekend to recover from your weekend. 😉


Because of all this, I’m going to keep things easy today and suggest you head over to iTunes and stream the new Foster the People album, Supermodel, before it’s release (tomorrow!). Did you know you can do that?


I was listening to it last week and enjoyed having it play in the background as I packed for my trip. The album didn’t blow me away by any means, but it was a good listen and I plan to give it my more critical ear this week.



And because I LOVE Marilyn Monroe, here’s another for you…

mim17 OH! And Happy Saint Patrick’s Day…be safe, friends!

How was your weekend?

What have you been listening to?

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