BRTR Training Week 1

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This week marked the official start of training for my 3rd half marathon, the Boston Run to Remember 1/2 Marathon in May. I’ve been slowly increasing my mileage since the new year to make this an easier transition, which definitely made this week’s workouts a lot easier. But before we get to that, I have some news to share which I totally forgot to share when we caught up over tea on Tuesday…

I’m officially a FitFluential Ambassador.


I wasn’t really expecting it, so it’s fun to feel like a part of such a strong community of fitness and healthy-living minded individuals. What does this mean for the blog? Honestly, it shouldn’t mean anything. I’m picky when it comes to the content I share in this space and I don’t forsee that changing anytime soon. 🙂


FitFluential is doing a March challenge to get in 100 miles (walking, running, you name it!) and I’m hoping with my training underway, I’ll be able to hit that goal. If not, it’s at least something fun to work towards.

Moving onto the week…

Friday 2/28



Saturday 3/1

90 mins hot yoga


Sunday 3/2

5 mile run


Monday 3/3

Strengthen – total body & abs


Tuesday 3/4

3 mile run 


Wednesday 3/5

40 mins walking (2.25 miles)

25 mins YogaDownload – Yoga for Runners #1


Thursday 3/6

2 mile run – easy speed work

Strength – total body & abs

1 mile run – what happens when you realize you actually had three miles on the schedule, not two 😉

Total Miles for #FFMarchMiles so far – 14.75 (I usually walk ½ mile between warm-up & cool-down per run.)

Can I just also quickly mention that I’m in serious trouble? Well, not really but my poor wallet is! My new Fabletics outfits came through this week and I’m seriously LOVING the spring colors. I can’t get enough of these pieces…am I right?!

march fabletics

What’s interesting about training for my third half marathon, is the doubt that continues to plague me. It’s this constant battle despite having two successful half marathons in the books, this isn’t something that comes that easy to me – mentally OR physically. Today’s #MotivationInMarch is just so fitting…


How were your workouts this week?

Are you training for anything? Or what are your current fitness goals?

P.S. I have a guest post over on Life’s a Bowl today where I share my story of working in the music industry. Definitely check it out!

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