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I’ll be honest, I’m writing this Sunday night after a great weekend with some of my blends (more on that another day), a 6 hour drive home from Iowa which brought me directly to a work “holiday” party.  I’m exhausted.  So exhausted that I’m going to write this up fairly quickly so I can get to bed and maybe sleep in a bit.  (And you all can hopefully read while I’m sleeping…I hope that’s not cheating. …too much.) 😉

Music Monday

A few things for today, first of all – it’s Monday and I’m bringing back Music Monday. I took a week (or two?) off but after hearing this song several times in the past few weeks and loving it, and hearing it about 5 times during the afore-mentioned drive home, it’s about time I finally share it with you all.  Phillip Phillips “Home” – enjoy!



If I shared this already (don’t think I did), please just blame it on being tired and carry on your way. P.S. He can totally be my boyfriend and serenade me everyday. 😉


I should also mention it’s possible this is sitting in my freezer:


It’s also possible that was done so that this man wouldn’t snoop:


Because today is his birthday – Happy Birthday Dad! 🙂


How was your weekend?

What music are you loving lately?

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli

    Love that song, but I totally had to stop listening to the radio for a while since they were playing it to DEATH! Ugh, hate it when they do that! You’re dad is so cute! Is it weird that I don’t know him, but I still want to give him a big birthday hug? 😉

  2. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning

    Happy Birthday to your dad!! 🙂
    I love the song “Home.” When I first heard it, I played it on repeat nonstop.
    My current “repeat” songs are Jason Mraz “Sleeping to Dream” and David Gray “Kathleen.” Go listen to them!!

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