So, now what?

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now what

The million dollar question for the last 9 ½ months of my life “what will you do after you’re done with this year?” I never had the answer for anyone.

The new question isn’t much different “so, now what?” And I still don’t quite have the answer.

I usually respond with “sell the RV and get a job,” followed up with a nervous giggle. I’m sure they catch on to it.

After yesterday’s public announcement, my phone flooded with emails, text messages, and FB requests; all full of supportive comments, concerns and questions, but to be expected, many included the new question.

I don’t have the answer. 

I have an idea and I know the general goal. I’m figuring out what the steps need to look like to reach that goal and I’m taking them, however slowly.

This wasn’t a decision that was made months ago, giving me time to figure things out or get a job lined up; this was a recent decision and one that happened quickly, leaving me to figure things out now, without a plan fully in place. You know this Type A doesn’t approve of that but I am making the best of the situation in which I’ve found myself.

So if you find me responding to your “so, now what?” question with the response “sell the RV and get a job,” know that’s because that is the answer and for now, that’s all I’ve got. When I know more, so will you.

4 thoughts on “So, now what?

  1. Katie

    My parents sold their business on April 20th, I started looking in March, and I should, hopefully, start my new job August 24. So please don’t get frustrated if it takes a long time, and by all means reach out to me if you need a little assurance that the right thing will come along.

      1. Katie Post author

        I thought about starting to apply while we were still in Hawaii but I did a total resume overhaul which was necessary but also took some time…then I had to write cover letters…but at the same time was afraid someone would call me while I was there and me not be able to come in for an interview for a week or two.

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