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Ever since I started my job 3 months ago, I’ve had to close Wednesday nights.  Until today.  Somehow I got today off (thank you new hires!) and I couldn’t be happier.  My day is pretty jam packed with tackling my to-do list and some errands, but I’m so excited  for another day off to relax.  (Though I am really confused about what day it is…)


Thankfully, my blog writing schedule reminds me that it’s Wednesday which means What I Ate Wednesday.  It’s always nice when there’s some kind of constant to remind you what day it is… 😉

And as usual, I had some DEEEEE-licious eats!



With the weather getting cooler, oatmeal for breakfast sounds better and better every single morning.  And since it’s nearly December and the holiday season is in full swing, I’m in the process of finding the perfect combination of spices for gingerbread oatmeal.  Stay tuned, it’s coming.

For now, it’s cinnamon chia banana oatmeal topped with peanut butter, with a side of coffee and a view of the Christmas tree.



My usual fruit, yogurt and cereal bowl.  Every time I think about something else for lunch, it just doesn’t sound as tasty as my yogurt bowl or I become sad at the thought of NOT having my yogurt bowl that day.  I’m such a creature of habit and I can’t change that.

Deal with it that deliciousness.



I offered to bring roasted veggies for Thanksgiving dinner and seeing as I was informed some of my family didn’t like brussels sprouts, I’m glad I didn’t tell them what veggies I was thinking.  HA! (They admitted they tasted pretty good so I hopefully didn’t lose my opportunity to bring food in the future…)

But I made a LOT of veggies and thankfully there was some left over.  We went out for Mexican food Friday night to celebrate passing my test.  I saved two of my fish tacos to take home and mixed them with some of the leftover veggies and I ended up with 3 fish + Thanksgiving veg tacos.  YUM!

Now with the holidays in full swing, it’s time to start planning our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning menu, as well as which cookies I want to bake (and try to make healthier while still being full-flavor).  Bring.it.on!

And if anyone wants to send me one (or all) of these cute face mugs, I would gladly fill it with soy milk or hot chocolate to dip my Christmas cookies. 😉

Today I’m super Thankful for technology.  Not in the “I can’t live with out my phone” way, but in the “it keeps me connected to my friends and the people I care about” kind of way.  And when I can FaceTime with the friends that I miss so very much, it’s something to be Thankful for.


How was your Thanksgiving?

What were some of your favorite eats?

15 thoughts on “WIAW // FaceTime

  1. EJ

    I’m always interested to see what other people eat – I get so many ideas from it – so thanks for sharing. 🙂 Are those oats in your yogurt bowl crackin’ oat bran by chance? I ADORE that cereal. I too, heart technology in the it-keeps-me-connected way. I live in Texas (thank you Army) and my family lives in NH, MA, and MN. I’m very thankful for facetime and skype – it’s the next best thing to “in person.” 🙂

  2. Eating 4 Balance

    Haha. WIAW keeps me grounded too, so I always know what day it is. Honestly, WIAW gets me through the week! On Tuesday I plan what I’m going to write, then post it. On Wednesday I comment on a whole bunch of blogs, and then on Thursday I comment and respond some more 🙂 Then Friday’s here and I’m done! Lol.

    My Thanksgiving was pretty good!

    Those cups are so cute. I think I’ve seen a version of those with the cookie monster painted on them. Awesome!

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