Runner’s Strength Workout

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runners strength

I am officially 3 weeks into my 25k training plan and it’s been going really well. It hasn’t been easy by any means, but it’s felt really good to get back into running longer distances consistently once again.

When it comes to training for longer distances, it requires a balance in your workouts between running, strength work and mobility. Thankfully yoga has made sure I stay on top of that mobility and keep my muscles loose and relaxed, while also strengthening them as we move from pose to pose.

The workout I’m sharing today was a great addition to my week, working my full body to make sure I’m staying strong.

You can either do this as a circuit 3x through, if you’re really looking to get that heart rate up quickly OR work through the supersets listed 3x each before moving to the next. I completed the workout as supersets, resting as needed between each set.

runners strength workout

Have you had any good workouts lately?

What are your favorite supersets?

7 thoughts on “Runner’s Strength Workout

  1. Shann Eva

    Looks like a great workout! I know what all the moves are, except I’m not sure on the Farmer’s carry? I love adding strength training to my workouts.

  2. Katie @ Adulting Daily

    I’ve been trying to do a lot of strength training lately to prevent any running injuries and really enjoy it! I don’t do too many supersets, but often do 3 rounds of 3 moves, increasing the number of reps each time. Targeting different muscle groups is so important! What are farmer carries? Haven’t heard of those.
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