Things Worth Noting

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A Video Worth Watching:

This is one of my beautiful friends I met while living in New Jersey, Ida.  She is so incredibly beautiful and talented.  This also happens to be her YouTube debut!


A Discussion Worth Having:

My good friend and BLEND, Amanda, wrote this great post on her thoughts about weight loss contests.  When we write these kind of opinion related posts, we’re really putting ourselves out there and I really respect her for that, but even more, I couldn’t agree MORE with Amanda’s views.  Check out this post!

downsides-of-weight-loss competitions dietsA Discount Worth Using & A Race Worth Running:

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m running the Chicago Pretty Muddy run later this year.  I’m so honored to be one of their ambassadors so I wanted to make sure to pass this discount code along to you!  And even more, if you’re in the Chicago-land area and want to run WITH me, let’s team up!

2.21.13 PM $10 Off (EMAIL)

An Office Worth Getting Comfortable: 

Starbucks seems to be my new favorite Friday day-off habit.  I get to enjoy a cup of coffee and get a LOT done just by changing up my scenery.  And thanks to the fact that there are multiple locations in my area, I can change it up even more.


A Workout Worth Repeating:

Just in case you missed my Trainer’s Tip on Thursday, don’t forget to add this circuit to your routine this week!  And if you tried it, don’t forget to let me know what you thought!

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 4.52.22 PM

An Article Worth Reading: 

A couple years ago, actually in the early days of this blog, I took a 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  I had purchased a GroupOn for a month of unlimited yoga at a studio down the street from my job and figured there was no better time to challenge myself to 30 days of yoga – straight.


I went to classes of all different sizes, different teachers, different types and different levels.  One of the instructors really hit a chord in me – her name was Gigi Yogini.  Her Wednesday class became a routine part of my week, well beyond that month.  She would become a friend, confidant and while there were talks of me working for her, sadly my health at the time got in the way.  Regardless, she was this rock in my life constantly bringing me joy and encouraging me to follow my heart.


In fact, I specifically remember a class where I was in a severe amount of pain but really didn’t want to miss her class, her healing.  She came over during one pose, put her hand on my side and I could feel the positivity, love, and healing she was trying to send to my body.  I will never forget that.


I am going somewhere with this.  This woman is incredible and one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met – on the inside and OUT.  And she wrote this beautiful article worth reading from top to bottom.


What are a few things worth noting for you today?

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  1. KatieKatie

    Happy Saturday!

    Oh the Pretty Muddy will be so fun! I would love to do it once the baby is here! I know you will have a blast! When is it?

    Happy weekend love!

    Of note today, I am excited to go to Ikea to do some nursery shopping and just spend the day with my love!

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