BRTR Training Week 4

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1185500_10100106885722159_1297857261_n4 weeks in, my friends, 4 weeks in. It’s crazy to think that after Sunday’s long run, I’ll be considered a 1/3 of the way through the training for my half marathon. Some days I can’t believe that. Some days I can’t believe that I’ve even done one…let alone two, training for three, and flirting with the idea of a full. My body is so amazing, I just love it.


I’ve given myself some flexibility this week in terms of my training schedule (hello, it’s called life!) but really it just means instead of taking a rest day today, I took one yesterday and will be hitting the gym pretty hard this morning (probably as you’re reading this actually).


Friday 3/21
Strength – total body & abs
1.25 mile walk
Saturday 3/22
Sunday 3/23
5 mile run
25 mins YogaDownload – Heart Opening Flow #1
Monday 3/24
Strength – total body & abs (w/ Kettlebells)
 Tuesday 3/25
Jillian Michaels Shred – level 2
Wednesday 3/26
3.5 mile run
Thursday 3/27

I’m hoping for a relatively chill weekend ahead – one filled with friends, fun, good food and beautiful weather. We’re on the books for nearly 60 on Sunday which I’m hoping means I’ll be able to get in a nice run outside for the first time in way too long.



What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

How were you able to stay active this week?

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