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Over the summer, I shared a story about when I let fear get in my way; when I let it dictate my actions and potentially sacrifice the relationship with one of my favorite companies.  To this day I think about that day, that event and that brand and wonder if I’m over-thinking, but ultimately how to repair that relationship.

Anyway, this isn’t about that day; it’s about the fear.

And it’s not even about the fear of that day; it’s about the fear I’m facing now and working to overcome these fears so I can make things happen and really live my life.

So what fears am I facing?

-I’m afraid of not passing my NASM CPT test

-I’m afraid of the GRE and potential for grad school

-I’m afraid of success and failure

-I’m afraid of being alone and not getting my fairy-tale

-I’m afraid of what’s next but also of getting stuck

-I’m afraid to make my next move and not moving

-I’m afraid of letting someone down

-I’m afraid of talking too much and not saying enough

Now it’s time to get real

It’s time to buckle down, make a plan, accept what challenges present themselves, appreciate what is given to me, remember that I already made my dreams come true (manage bands) and this is my new dream, let go of what’s holding me back, and embrace what’s to come.

Why let fear get in the way?

Now tell me, when was the last time you overcame you fears (whether big or small)? How did you do it?

6 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    I just love you! I think we all feel this way at times! You will pass. You will do great things in life. You will do fine on the GRE. Grad school is tough, but you will kick it in the pants. You, my friend, are already a success so there is nothing to fear there! I have a great book you need to read! It is called The List by Marion Jordan. So. good.

  2. Dave

    Woah, I missed that post somehow. Good to read it. I wish I had the nads to drive away from something when I didn’t feel like it, makeup or no makeup.

    I’m scared of saying no. Or more like incapable. I will need to learn how to do that someday.

  3. jessie

    Fear can make such a huge impact on someones life, but just know you are in control of it affecting yours.

    You WILL pass your NASM CPT TESET
    You WILL succeed in life because you are strong & confident
    You WONT be alone. Any guy would be lucky to have you <3
    No need to think a head in life, live today like it's your last
    The only person you can let down is yourself.

    Continue being you girl because you are an inspiration to so many!

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