Beginner Treadmill Speed Workout

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While in Napa for my birthday last weekend, we stayed in a hotel that a small fitness center. It wasn’t anything special by any means but it had a treadmill, bike, elliptical and a strength training machine. I was hoping for some free weights but I’ll take what I can get and made use of what I had access to.


My first workout in the gym was a short 2 mile run, some strength and double under practice. It wasn’t anything crazy but it was exactly what I needed.

Our last morning in the hotel, I wanted to get in another run but I didn’t just want to run so I decided to make a fun little speed workout. I hate sprints and speed work but after marathon training last summer, I really learned their importance as something I need to incorporate in my training more often.

And this workout was perfect and left me nice and sweaty when all was said and done!

treadmill sprints

I completed 5 rounds but I would recommend starting at 3 rounds and seeing how you feel, especially if this is your first time incorporating speed work. Also tailor the speeds to meet you where you’re at. I’m not a fast runner by any means so I kept my 5 minutes to an easy jog and slower than I’d usually run on a treadmill and my sprints to a point where I was definitely breathing heavier and my heart rate was elevated.


How do you incorporate speed drills into your running program?