BRTR Training Week 5

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Who’s happy it’s FRIDAY?!


I must be honest, it’s been one heck of a week. From losing a friend, to a lot going on at work, and some crazy insomnia, I’m ready for the weekend. Monday got things off on the wrong foot and I’ve had a hard time getting myself back on track, for good reason though.

1977329_10100148194284469_1983381621_nThe good news is, I’ve had a great week of workouts. It really proves that fitness is a great form of stress relief, and for me, next writing, it’s my therapy. So let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Blinded by the light, anyone? ;)

Blinded by the light, anyone? 😉

Friday 3/28

3.5 mile run

Squats & Abs


Saturday 3/29

Active rest – 2 mile walk 


Sunday 3/30

5 mile run

1.25 mile walk


Monday 3/31

Strength – GPP STAB press

1.25 mile walk


Tuesday 4/1

4 mile run

26 KB swings 


Wednesday 4/2

GPP – row/KB – run/KB


Thursday 4/3

4 mile run

GPP – 4 rounds each & abs

1185500_10100106885722159_1297857261_nIt was a butt-kicking, ab-burning, run-filled week…checking another one off on my quest for half marathon #3!


How were your workouts this week?

What plans do you have for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “BRTR Training Week 5

    1. Katie Post author

      Note to self – allow yourself to wear shorts/skirts/dresses once and awhile so they can get at least a LITTLE color. I’m known to still wear jeans throughout summer because I don’t like my legs…so they’re pretty much pasty 365 days/year…

    1. Katie Post author

      YAY!! And of course, I’ve got your back! Thanks for helping me out EVERYDAY but especially right now. Love you!

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