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I realize I let fear take the reigns on my life sometimes.  Sometimes in the smallest of ways; other times in the largest of ways.  Last year I nearly let my fear keep me from the Healthy Living Summit.  After all was said and I done, I was so happy I went and used that as motivation when debating my decision to attend the BLEND Retreat (which is NEXT weekend!!)

But the reason I’m even bringing this all up is because over the last couple days, I’ve been debating about signing up for the FitMixer Bootcamp.  What sets this bootcamp apart in my mind is the cost.  Deciding to sign up for the LiveFit program was relatively easy because it didn’t cost a thing.  It was a time commitment (that sadly my body rejected near the end), but it didn’t cost me a dime.  I chose what level I wanted to participate (workout plan, not meal plan) and called it a day.

FitMixer is more than that.  FitMixer provides you with $150 worth of products (protein powder and workout supplements similar to Gatorade) which are all things I would buy anyway.  There’s a part of me that feels a program like this may be better suited for someone looking for weight loss and frankly, that really isn’t me.

What I am looking for is health and a new challenge for my body.  LiveFit will have it’s time in my life again because I definitely enjoyed it and would like to see it through the end, but I think I need something else for now and FitMixer might be just the thing.

Anyway, as I was driving home from hanging with Justine last night I realized just how much I was allowing fear to consume me and frankly, that’s just not okay.  So I bit the bullet and starting May 14th, I’ll begin the FitMixer BootCamp.  Money spent.  Decision made.

Have you allowed fear to make a decision for you lately?  

What are you doing to keep fear away and at bay?

5 thoughts on “Fear No More

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